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For nearly all businesses, from the specialist sole traders and partnerships through SMEs to the large international corporations, Microsoft Excel is the indispensible tool for analysing, summarising and forecasting financial information. Excel is also employed for many non-financial uses from analysing test results, managing product configurations, and even the more human aspects of business such as objective setting and follow up, swot analysis, the list of applications is almost endless. Using Excel isn't confined to just business, but also education, hobbyists, and to homeowners managing their personal finances.

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Cygnus Prime is a small development company based in North Hampshire UK, specialising in providing support in using Microsoft Excel within a business environment. Let Cygnus Prime help you get more from Excel.

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"reducing the amount of cross checking needed and the time it takes to produce the report from several days to about one hour"

"reduced the work load significantly for creating product specific configurations"

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