About Cygnus Prime Ltd

Cygnus Prime was founded in 2012 by Steve Arnold who for many years worked for Nokia in a variety of roles, from people, project, program and product management. In all these roles Steve used Excel to assist in his work.

I enjoyed the roller coaster ride of Nokia's amazing growth and sadly witnessed Nokia's changing fortunes. One of the many things I learnt was the importance of fact based decision making. Excel is the obvious tool for crunching the numbers and getting a useful summary of data - often copied-pasted into Powerpoint slide set with situation analysis and recommendations - to enable fact based decisions.

I remember last century attending a software conference where an Apple employee gave a talk. One thing she said that stuck with me, possibly paraphrasing - 'if you need to do it once - do it, if you need to do it more than once - develop a tool'. I often used Excel to assist with my daily work and I began to use VBA macros to optimise the process. It can take several hours to develop a tool, but if its saves you time again and again and gives valuable results it has to be worth doing".

I developed a reputation at our UK site, as the "Excel expert". It wasn't something I conciously set out to do, it just happened. Colleagues including the more experienced Excel users would come to me for help when they were stuck. Over the years I developed several Excel based tools for various people and recently I was amazed to discover that some of older tools I created - 10 years or more ago - were still being regularly used.

In 2012 I left Nokia, and founded Cygnus Prime. My aim is to assist small to medium sized business using Excel, to get to the information they need to make sound business decisions. If they can do that quickly, efficiently and repeatibly then I will be more than satisfied that I have done a good job.

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