Carole Arnold - Management Accountant

Steve was very meticulous with taking down the requirements at the brief stage. He provided a draft solution promptly and was on hand to help with testing and refining the product. The final result has been a great success and has benefited myself by drastically reducing the amount of cross checking needed and the time it takes to produce the report from several days to about one hour. It also benefits the company through regularly and timely reports and has improved their costing of future projects.

Kate Austin - Finance control - Nokia until end of 2012

For the past 10 years Steve has been my rock for anything relating to Excel and turning system data into information that can be used in decision making. Data – there is no end to the volume of Data an organisation has available to it, and the larger the organisation the more data it can pull together. The problem is how to turn that data quickly and consistently into decision making information, how to build scenarios into the spreadsheets so that differing views and impacts can be shown. Steve’s skill and knowledge of both Excel and the needs of a business enable him to create from base data consistent information that can then be used to facilitate decision making. His ability to identify the true requirement of the information needed and then fit the solution to meet that need, is something that only comes with years of active business involvement.

Taru Hichisson - Finance control - Nokia until end of 2012

I have worked with Steve for several years. On several occasions, Steve has helped me and several management teams to turn complex data into meaningful information, to aid management decisions and track costs. Steve always listens to what is needed, makes proposals and provides excellent Excel solutions and reporting capabilities. This has hugely improved efficiency and saved a lot of time by reducing manual work. Steve's attention to detail, knowledge of Excel and his ability to understand requirements makes him exceptional. I highly recommend Steve to any organisation or individual who requires efficiency improvements and meaningful information, or simply just help with the Excel.

Alex Pappou - Finance control - Nokia until mid 2012

I worked with Steve for a number of years even though our work paths were not directly connected. I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and always willing to help. He is a take-charge person with great ideas, his knowledge is very extensive and was always there to help me out of difficult speadsheet problems. Never too busy to come around and help me with spreadsheets and macros. I highly recommend Steve he is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.

Samuli Ylinen - Product Management - Nokia

I worked with Steve for several years on different project and product management related topics. During our work together, Steve showed strong skills in the project and product management areas, being able to deliver software products as planned. He also worked with several subcontractors and partners, being able to come out with agreements, which satisfied all stakeholders. He managed to transfer complex product variation project into simple Excel sheet which could be used to generate product specific XML configurations. This reduced the work load significantly for creating product specific configurations. Personally I found Steve's humour and personality something that made it always easy to work with him.

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