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Getting more from Excel

Excel is a powerful tool and there are often many different ways to achieve the results you are after. There are no right or wrong ways – that is providing you get your correct result - however some approaches may be easier to understand than others, easier to maintain, more efficient on your time, or just easier to debug when the results are not what you expect.

The articles are written for the Excel user who has some experience already with the tool and not for the complete beginner. So for example you should already have some understanding of the ribbon, how to enter data into the spreadsheet, how to add formulas. The articles are not meant to replace Excel's inbuilt help but are more suggestions on how you can work more effectively with Excel. The articles are not prescriptive, if you have a different way of doing something that works for you, that is fine.

The articles are broadly split into 3 categories, using Excel specific features, using VBA to write Excel macros, and Design which covers higher level issues and a bit of catchall for other Excel topics.

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A note on Excel and OS versions

At the bottom of each article is a statement about Excel and OS version used to create the article, although it will never be anything prior to Excel 2007 as there was such a big change from 2003 to 2007, but some of the principles may still apply to early versions of Excel. Certainly there are some features, which require more recent versions of Excel such as spark lines which require Excel 2010.

Windows 7 or higher is assumed, although many of the articles will work on lower versions of Windows, and may work on the Mac version.

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